November 25, 2008

More legit each day....

For our fellow Warriors, you can see we are spreading the Marquette spirit throughout Quebec. 

So long Illinois plates and hello to an official Quebec car. Getting a registration and license plate was no easy task. Just getting the car here was a trip. Then in order to get the license, it had to have a major inspection. This inspection included making sure any recalls have been met, that the car is paid off and any necessary repairs are made in order for it to be safe and insurable. It's the law in Quebec that headlights have to be on all the time. So, that had to be retrofitted since US cars don't always have this feature. Fortunately, or unfortunately, most US cars come with the metric system feature so speed confusion should not be an issue. Kish is aware that the road signs that say 100 speed limit do mean KPH not MPH. Darn. While it took a lot of time to complete everything, we do understand the importance of it all, really we do.

Next step is snow tires. Yes, after December 15 they are mandatory here and not following the rule comes with a hefty fine. We hear it's a good thing, but our theory is that someone in the government must have a good share of Canadian Tire.

And speaking of snow, we're having the first measurable snow fall today -- 4-5 cm.

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