February 28, 2010

Blame it on the mittens

"I'm only watching this game because of the Blackhawks players." 

At the Olympic torch relay in our town...Louis is still wearing his White Sox hat! He's very loyal regardless of where he is...

We've enjoyed living here in Canada during the Olympics. Admittedly though, it gets confusing from time to time remembering that we're from the USA, and of course we should be cheering on our country. But when we're in a bar with a bunch of Canadians and before we know it we're singing "Oh Canada" with them (or the first line or two anyway), it's hard not to feel Canadian. (When we pay our Canadian taxes, it's definitely not hard to feel Canadian). We can blame it on the mittens. When you're wearing THOSE mittens it's easy to feel Canadian. We've been wearing our mittens since we attended the Olympic Torch relay in our town before the holidays.

But today it's all about the U.S.A. and hockey. Although, Paul is ready to take a hockey stick to the TV because he has had enough of the Olympics. "I'm only watching this game because of the Blackhawks players," he says.

We have Special Olympics skiing today which ends right when the game starts. We decided instead of watching it with a bar full of Canadians we are going to race two hours home, without the radio on, which will inevitably be broadcasting the game on most stations, walk in the door, flip on the PVR and watch the game from the beginning, hopefully without hearing the score. Our flag is out and we are proud. Our feet are in Canada, but our hearts are still in the U.S.A. Hopefully no one pour maple syrup in our yard today. We'll always have the mittens. GO U.S.A.

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Claudine said...

Your patriotism is touching.

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