February 26, 2010

These dudes are serious

This hockey stuff is serious.

A friend of mine works in Washington, D.C. doing some sort of engineering job having to do with the defense department. She's one of the smartest women I know, and one of the funniest. She happened to spend her grade school years in Toronto so she understands Canadians.

When I sent her the link to the curling blog from the other day, she wrote back with this hilarious story...
One of my friends works in a NATO office for the US Navy.  When the Canadian naval officer showed up, ashamed and embarrassed after the defeat to Team USA, some one asked  him, if Team Canada could go to the volcano and sacrifice some curlers in exchange for a hockey win, how many curlers would they throw into the volcano?  The Canadian began to explain how important curling is to Canadians, then stopped and said, "all of them."
We get to see Super Bowl caliber commercials during these Canadian Olympics. This Coca Cola ad says it all...not sure if you see this is the U.S.A. Lots of hockey today...could we have another U.S.A. and Canada match up on Sunday?

In other Olympics news...how about those Canadian women? Quebec is beaming with pride following Joannie Rochette's bronze medal in figure skating. And the women's hockey? Those girls can play! What's been really cool to watch is how many of the Canadian athletes are staying in Vancouver cheering on Team Canada instead of hitting the talk show circuit back in the States. Yes, Canadian athletes can ink sponsorship deals after a medal win. Most will agree though that it's not at all as lucrative as it is for U.S. athletes. I'm just saying...it's the Olympics. Stick around and cheer on your TEAM. 

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