February 8, 2010

We Believe

Other than the fact that the SAINTS won the freaking Super Bowl...the next best thing about the televised game is always the commercials, right? NOT in Canada. Instead, during every single commerical break, and we all know there are a lot of them, we heard promo after promo like the one above. As if we didn't know the Olympics are in CANADA. Okay, we GET IT. WE BELIEVE. The Olympics are starting this coming Friday...did you know that??? (By the way, that's Donald Sutherland doing the voice over. He's been hard at work all year making these promos. We had to explain to Danielle who Donald Sutherland is. As you know from previous posts, his ex father-in-law was a member of Parliament and one of the dudes to get socialized medicine going in Canada).

The first few of these We Believe promos had us all going "wow, that's cool." After a few more we were all "where's the Doritos commerical? The Clydesdales? Come on...we want Tim Te(ar)bow!" We flipped through the guide since with this cable system we get stations in Seattle (for Vancouver) and Boston (for Eastern Canada). Nothing...everything was hooked into CTV (Canadian TV) which means no Doritos, Bud Light or Oprah/Dave/Jay. By the third quarter we could tell a promo was about to start and we were all saying "ENOUGH." Paul was ready to turn off this amazing Super Bowl game asking, "Isn't Jeopardy on or something?"

It was a GREAT game when we were not being indoctrinated by the Canadian Olympic commercials. Seriously, did you know the skeleton thing has those people in skin tight leotards going 120 KM down the ice track with no brakes or steering? Really, who would do such a thing? It's possible Canadians might be thinking, who would pay all that money to go to a game where a bunch of guys in spandex try and get an odd shaped ball across a line? And they get paid MILLIONS to play that game. When you take a step back, it all seems silly.

In the meantime, Kish has seen enough Olympics commercials and is ready to take up ski jumping. Because...WE BELIEVE.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

I believe Ajay said the commercials sucked this year. ;-) (Except the Dave, Oprah and Jay one-which I'm sure you saw on YouTube).

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