February 25, 2010

Bobsleigh or Bobsled?

Living in Canada during these Olympics has enabled us to view the television and newspaper coverage from the Canadian perspective. With that comes some differences, even though we're not that far from "home." So when the bobsled coverage started and we were watching the story on CTV and they kept saying "bobsleigh." We were all, "Huh? It's bobsled! Bob Costas and Al Michaels have always said "bobsled." Why are the Canadians saying bobsleigh?"

From a quick google search it appears as though the term is interchangeable depending on your mood. Sort of like that whole "you say tomato, I say tomato" debate. Not much of a difference.

After watching hockey and the USA take on Switzerland (we got to see the entire game on several channels) and then Canada take on Russia, seeing the Canadian women take gold and silver in the bobsleigh was really cool. What made it even more nostalgic was seeing the Americans join the Canadians the podium. Such nice neighbours, or shall I say neighbors?

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