February 22, 2010

Canada is grumpy today

Leave it to a hockey game to put an entire country in a bad mood. Seriously. Everyone is grumpy today...radio talk show hosts, sports writers, kids, the clerk at the grocery store...seems all these normally easy-going Canadians have a hockey stick up their....I won't say it. And to lose to the USA? Yikes. That's like the Chicago Bears losing to the Green Bay Packers. Let's just say we didn't go out of the house with any Team USA apparel today. If there's one thing we have learned after being here for a year and a half -- it's that Canadians are easy-going about anything but hockey.
After last night's game, Canadians are just mad. One sports reporter said, "the only thing the Team Canada put IN the goal was Crosby," referring to a shot when he ended up sliding in the goal instead of the puck. 

At least we got to see the game on half a dozen channels and in English or French. We heard that in the U.S. the game was only available on MSNBC? Certainly after yesterday they'll rethink that plan. There's still hope for another Miracle on Ice, but it's safe to say if the U.S. and Canada meet up again, it might be a whole new hockey game. 

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Claudine said...

Bah! Grrr!
Just joking, actually...I didn't watch the game and am in the minotity, since hockey resides alongside my general apathy for the olympic games.

love the blog and want to become a "follower", but I don't see the thingy to click...

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