February 6, 2010

A Quebecer in the Super Bowl?

That's not a typo...we do mean the Super Bowl, not the Stanley Cup. Believe it or not there are a few football players from Canada playing in the NFL. We give them credit for going against Canadian tradition and trading in hockey pads for football pads. Sam Giguère is a Colts player, promoted from the practice squad just before the end of the regular season. (While he hails from Canada, we'll still be cheering for the Saints). It's not likely he will get much playing time, if any, since four other Colts players need to be knocked out of the game in order for him to play. But hey, he's technically a Quebecer in the Super Bowl.

If you go to the Colts website it says he's from "Sherbrooke." Unfortunately it doesn't say Quebec, and most people will likely assume this French guy is from Indiana. Or Illinois. He does sort of look like he could be Brian Urlacher's distant cousin, eh?

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