February 17, 2010

Curling is hot

We have the opportunity to watch a lot of curling on Canadian Television (CTV) and The Sports Network (TSN) almost 24/7 as part of the Olympics coverage. While our friends "down south" watch profiles of Shaun White over and over again, we see the early rounds of curling, the biathalon and the discussion about whether or not there was enough French at the opening ceremonies. Paul came home yesterday and said "have you seen some of those curler chicks? They're hot." Ummm....never quite looked at it that way. But, we've never had the chance to watch so, so, much curling. Curling is a popular sport in Canada. It's sort of like bowling in Wisconsin. There are curling clubs everywhere in Montreal. We have to admit, we have yet to try it, but the ongoing coverage of the sport has us intrigued. 

Kish thought the clothes were hot. These hot dudes are sure to bring some attention to the sport.

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